search in rails

At the moment I’m doing a Java/Spring to Ruby/RAILS conversion for a client. That is a good opportunity to weed out old stuff from the existing application and introduce new technology to replace the old architecture. After all it’s impossible to just translate everything one-on-one from the old architecture to the new one. One of the challenges is finding a suitable replacement for the lucene-based search in Spring. After a bit of searching on the internet I found that there are basically two search engines currently used in RAILS applications and that are solr and Elasticsearch. After a bit of research I also found tire which constitutes a layer between RAILS on one end and Elasticsearch. I’m currently in the process of discovering how this works. I did discover already that Elasticsearch can do proximity searches which could be a nice extension to the system I’m currently converting…

hello world

The customary first assignment in almost any language for a programmer! OK. Hello world! As of today I start my own company to provide software engineering services to the public. I think mostly in the form of designing and writing software, but I also can be of service as a consultant and provide contra expertise.